Sunday, January 9, 2011

What is mobile ?

               Mobile is device .
               Mobile is very help full your life .
               Mobile is a great producing device complete world.
               Though the Mobile we talk the relative family .
              Subscriber Identity Module .
              SIM card is part of mobile phone
              And really phone and in this your personal information  have a save.
              Global System for Mobile Communication .
              And (General Cellular Concept ).
              Used for the radio service in free around the size 890-960MHz.
              GSM working the (Receiving and Transmitting ) calls . 
              Support the power level and Contain the Radiation .

              Nokia Repair _ Win tesla version
              DI Version _ 311.03.00
              Digital Multimeter _ Fluke 73
              Oscilloscope _ Hitachi V1565; Fluke PM 3380A/B
              Spectrum Analyzer _  Adeantest R 3131with an analogue
              RF Generator/GSM Tester _ Rohde and T Schwarz CMU 200
              Change in HW 3310/NHM- 5HDA 12
              0607.0604.0603.0602.0601.HW-ID 0600
              Change of the multiple Resion 0614.0612.0608
              From his of 2.2 R 559
              Get of the C559 of 100 and 47 PF
              His the C560 of 1 nf 47 PF
              ID production this changing HW 0615
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