Saturday, October 17, 2015

Who to samsung mobile unlock

Samsung mobile unlock codes list:

Samsung mobile codes is best in list ,and very helpful information so use the mobile codes and repair your mobile this codes for many Samsung mobile codes list ,this code well restore your mobile phone Factory setting without any deleting data ,


Legacy Samsung mobile pones  code'

More codes list ,

  1. *#2222*    Display hardware version ,
  2. *#46282534#   reset and unlock code ,
  3. *#432586780# BlackBerry reset code, 
  4. *#4928677205# Nokia mobile Reset code,
Warning "
              when you sue this reset code ,make sure that you have backup data your mobile phone ,because your mobile phone all date ares .

How to unlock samsung forgotten pattern after many attempt "

  1.  off your Samsung mobile phone ,
  2. Open the Memory Card and sim,
  3. Power on your mobile phone With sound button press ,
  4. On your mobile with reset mobile factory setting ,
  5. your mobile Reset and unlock Pattern lock ,
           This simple way your mobile unlock pattern lock and this setting many attempt android mobiles  ,
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