Monday, October 31, 2011


       Nokia N85 mobile  is a good models , Nokia n85 mobile phone in more feature gaming and internet and sleek pages and music,And in this map help your if you alone the way,and more colors and outstanding looking Nokia n85 mobile codes and price In Pakistan and India and USA and other countries used it ....use for new stylish peoples .

Friday, October 28, 2011


            Mostly use this codes in Nokia mobile phone and help full information see it code and choose it code and your mobile problems solve .


*3370#Activates Enhanced 
#3370#Deactivate Enhanced
*#0000#Displays your phones software version
12345 Default security code
*#06#Checking (IMEI Number)
*#4720# Activate Half Rate Codec
*#9999#Phones software version
#pw+1234567890+1#Provider Lock Status
#pw+1234567890+2#Network Lock Status
 #pw+1234567890+3#Country Lock Status
#pw+1234567890+4#SIM Card Lock Status
*#147# Called you last (Only vodofone)
*#1471#Last call (Only vodofone) 
*#21#All Calls diverted Check
*#2640#Displays phone security code
*#30# Lets you see the private number
*#43#Call Waiting status 
*#61#On No Reply
 *#62#Divert If Unreachable (no service)
*#67# On Busy Calls
*#67705646#Phone code that removes operator
*#73#Reset phone timers and game scores
*#746025625#Displays the SIM Clock status
*#7760# Manufactures code
*#8110# Restore factory settings
*#92702689#Software version for the nokia 8110
*#94870345123456789# Deactivate the PWM-Mem
**21*number#Turn on All Calls Code
 **67*Turn on On Busy Code
*#92702689#Full status codes 
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Thursday, October 27, 2011


             Samsung is a best company in world but in new models Samsung s5333 good and nice and outstanding out looking .and this is for new garnation because in this beautiful more colors and feature and slim and smart shave , available in Pakistan and India and USA and many other countries but Pakistan mostly use because this have low price and this good model.If your Samsung s5333 any problem don't very full mobile code and full detail in this page be low unlocking code and master code and many more...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LG Vortex mobile codes and price,full detail

                       LG Vortex mobile is good and nice shave mobile phone ,,,this mobile available in Pakistan and India and of many other countries,mostly like it boy and girls because is this very stylish mobile phone for stylish peoples .This have many colors and more new features ,If you are purchase this mobile LG Vortex now see it detail and available in Pakistan cities Lahore , Karachi and big city Faisalabad and other cities ,if your mobile Lg Vortex problems not a problem unlock codes and master code and full detail ,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia x8 mobile codes,price,full detail

            Sony Ericsson Xperia x8 mobile phone is nice shave and out standing famous in this Pakistan and India , other world country like this in the wanna Sony Ericsson mobile price and unlock codes and master code now be low page , in this mobile many color and extra features other mobile

Saturday, October 22, 2011


      Nokia is a best company of the world ,but in the many mobile phone models in this mostly like peoples Nokia x3-02 ,this mobile nice shave and beautiful out look and outstanding working display ,in many colors and white screen and this page full detail and unlock codes and master codes and Nokia x3-02 mobile price and specification.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


                   Nokia is a best model in Nokia good for use ,and this mobile phone nice looking and outstanding colors .In Pakistan and India most boy and girls use it for internet ,,,,in this mobile phone high speed internet 64 Mb RAM and 128 Mb ROM for the internet good colors and in the page unlocking codes and master code , available in this blog see it you choose mobile and require .

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nokia C7 mobile codes and full specifications

                   Nokia mobile codes is available in this site and full specifications Nokia c7 mobile good shave and outstanding looking and many more features ,and many colors in this page below master code and unlock codes for the best Nokia c7 if you are full .

Nokia X2 mobile codes ,and full specifications

                    Nokia is good mobile phone read it your need detail and unlock codes and master codes for nokia all model this the great is good mobile and price ,WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, Adobe Flash Light and more in this Nokia X2 mobile phones,Stereo FM radio with RDS; congenital antenna
Bounce Tales, City Bloxx, Snake III, Block'd, Diamond Rush, Rally 3D, Brain Champion, Shikoku

Nokia C5-03 mobile codes ,and specifications

            Nokia C5 mobile phone is full latest mobile and many new fuutres in this mobile if you are purchase the nokia c5 get in detail and full specifications and unlock codes,master codes,and other.This mobile phone out locking is very nice and most good .see it the full detail in this , beautiful out looking,

Sunday, October 16, 2011


          G five is a latest model of G five company ,in this mobile phone duel SIM and with duel cameras and with flash light and digital zoom , Perches  the G five mobile phone and get in this full detail unlock codes and price in this Pakistan and USD G five mobile is cheep and this nice mobile phone more detail see it the be low page in the website .

Saturday, October 15, 2011


          Samsung all models codes and detail .If you are your mobile problem unlock codes and master codes ,secret codes of Samsung ,see it all codes your Samsung mobile model ,but now more new Samsung mobile codes and country codes .see this codes page and enjoy it .Use this is codes mostly Samsung mobile for example,Samsung c3520,Samsung c3330 champ 2,Samsung c414,Samsung I9103 Galaxy R,Samsung E1190,Samsung E1182,Samsung Galaxy s 4G,Samsung Galaxy fit s5670,Samsung E1130b,Samsung T401G,Samsung A657,Samsung Impression,Samsung I7410,And Samsung I8910 Omnia HD and other Samsung mobile codes is valid

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LG Optimus P500 codes,price,full detail

          LG mobile phone is a good mobile .LG Optimus P500 mobile phone my best model because is very beautiful model and in this many features .LG Optimus P500 in this many colors and very out standing mobile phone if you like this mobile and see it mobile detail and mobile codes and price,now if you wanna information comment me below in this page and get your related information and any codes .

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


                         Samsung is a best mobile phone ,but is very expensive models in Samsung mobile phone .Samsung xcover unlock code is a very difficult for your but now very easy unlock your mobile Samsung mobile model many colors and features in this mobile if you now unlock code ,and master codes see it full detail in this page below and if you other problems comment me your problem and get in your  needed information this page .

Monday, October 10, 2011


                Sony Ericsson g900 is a beautiful model for young boys ,because very very amazing features like this mobile phone .Many more peoples like this colors and slim ,In this mobile beautiful colors and this mobile is a Pakistan mostly used it peoples If you want to Sony Ericsson mobile phone and get in full detail see it be low page ,and unlock codes and price in  Pakistan and USA .

Sunday, October 9, 2011

VODAFONE 543 mobile codes ,full detail

         Vodafone mobile is good using most in India and some Pakistan and other countries .Vodafone in good shave and nice out looking ,in the mobile phone many colors ,India of best communication company is Vodafone
If you are full detail in this page below and choose the for you good model in Vodafone and if your Vodafone problem for codes and any one now see it unlock codes and price .

                   Note :
                               Only try it the 3 after is mobile phone block !
This mobile is available in all the world.People used this mobile in the world and like it very much.The phone book of this mobile is so large unlimited entries in it.Massaging SMS,MMS and weight 114 grams.Bluetooth micro v2.0,Callrecords,Radio FM with RDS.Various colours ,Music MP3/4 players and battery timing up to 600/h and Talk time up to 5/h,Card slot up to micro and size 2.4 inches.The network of GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and USB.Price in Pakistan 24800 rupees and  Unlock code 0000.SO BEAUTIFUL:

Saturday, October 8, 2011


         Nokia is a world famous company but its of mobile very famous Nokia c2-03 mobile phone is beautiful model ,What you want to Nokia c2-03 purchase you now in this mobile duel SIM and touch and type together
function ,and many more some function extra in this mobile phone,this  have a many colors of mobile Nokia c2-03 ,  If you are get in Nokia c2-03 mobile codes and detail see it

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nokia C3 mobile codes ,Price

           The Nokia C3 model is a very famous mobile phone in Pakistan and India , Eurp ,and is a good performance ,and design ,features I like this ,But you now is a very difficult of other mobile because many extra mini buttons on this mobile .Any way look like and enjoy this life and more detail in this page of

Nokia N8 mobile codes and full detail

                  The Nokia N8 mobile phone - is a very likes in Pakistan and other cities ,and a loge time hit in Pakistan ,Most of Nokia users in Pakistan want to no about Nokia N8 reviews and opinions .Nokia N8 mobile phone is latest model in Nokia mobiles,Nokia N8 is already available in five complete colors ,blue ,green ,white,orange,and dark gray ,but Now one color is update and available in Pink color .and see it full detail below this page and enjoy your life with your family .

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LG T315 mobile codes ,price

          I like this mobile for me and other good personalty peoples .But is expansive in pore peoples .this mobile phone is slim and good out looking ,This mobile phone is used the stylish boy's If you per chase this mobile phone LG T315 Now look us full detail below in this page . And enjoy this life .

Dimension size :      123*63.2 10.9 mm 
Weight :                   88 Gram
Battery time :          Up to 500 H
Bluetooth :               v2.0 with A2VP Bluetooth 
USB :                        Micro USB v2.0 USB mobile phone 
GPRS :                     Yes GPRS mobile phone 
LAN :                       Wi -Fi 802.11 WLAN mobile phone 
Voice Memo :          Yes 
Colors :                     Black and some 
Entertainment :        FM Radio MP3 and MP4
Browser :                 WAP -WAP2-adn HTML Internet mobile 
Card :                       Already 20 MB memory in mobile phone 
Phone book :           Yes 
Network :                2G GSM 850 /900 /1800 /1900
Sound :                    MP3 Players and MP3 ring tones 
Size :                       2.8 Inches 
Price :                    15400 Pr and USD $181
        Unlock code:
                           If  you want to Unlock code LG T315 ,Unlocking mobile phone by the code receive by the IMEI number .You can get by typing *#06# and after removing battery your mobile phone shown in this picture and you want to unlock code your LG mobile phone To get in codes for mobile we need only IMEI Numbers SIM card when you enter unlock code to mobile .
and come from the database number for IMEI .



          Apple iphone 4 is latest model in iphone so good looking and nice shave , slim and mini mobile phone.If you sale now call in big city Karachi ,Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar,and other city .great phone deals in large cities .great deals in popular brands like Nokia ,Samsung ,LG,and Apple . Apple iphone white black and official.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


          As is a you now of Sony Ericsson company world famous ,and this Sony Ericsson mobile phone is good quality in Sony Ericsson mobile .This mobile phone is many more likes,In more students and other boys ,Sony Ericsson xperia x10 long time charge able battery timing ,And see it your require  and choose the mobile of Sony Ericsson .

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Samsung e 1087

    Samsung e 1087 is a nice model of Samsung ,,,,But is this mobile phone Company make the other models .Samsung e1087 is nice shave and beautiful out looking ,Samsung e1087 of complete detail below in page and choose the good mobile .

MANUFACTURE :        Samsung mobile company
SOUND :                         3MM speaker
MASSAGE :                    Phone storage
FM RADIO :                  All channels
SIM :                              500 save the Numbers
Reset codes:                 *2767*3855#
                And many function